Eurotech Camera Service

Eurotech Camera Service was opened in May 1994 in Austin, Texas. I,Sorin Marcu, have extensive experience working in a factory on photographic and optical instruments. I have worked with and repaired Russian, German, Swedish, and Japanese cameras. I worked alongside professors from the German company, Carl Zeiss Optic, and I learned to construct parts from scratch for the cameras since they could not be ordered in the country during the Communist reign.

In 1983, I worked in Austin for the largest photography store in the city, Studtman Photo, in the service department focusing on repairing cameras. These included 35mm brands such as, Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, Kodak, Minolta, Yashica, Fuji, Sears, Petri, Rollei, Voigtlander,Leica, Exakta, Retina, Praktica, Kiev, Zenit, etc. Medium format cameras included Hasselblad, Mamiya, Rolleiflex, Yashica, Bronica, Kiev, Practica, Agfa, etc. Also, the large format cameras included Graflex, Ansco 4X5,5X7,8X10, etc.

Additionally, I make bellows for different cameras that are 4X5 in size and bigger.I repair lenses and shutters, and work on calibrating and finely adjusting them.

In 1994, I opened Eurotech Camera Service Store in Austin, after Studtman Photo store closed in 1993.With over15 years of experience in repairing and working with such various brand of cameras, it has always been my pleasure to work on any cameras and solve teh issues that others could not.

If you h ave any problems, or concerns, with your camera send it to Eurotech Camera Service. The initial examination and estimate are absoluterly free. There is a 90 day warranty on all repairs. All new parts that you may need are ordered from the factory with a special deal on pricing. Eurotech Camera Service is one of the few camera repair stores in Texas, and 33 years of experience in the field make any of your problems fixable. Eurotech focuses on giving you the lowest price, and getting you honest and quality work.

WE HAVE A NEW LOCATION! Eurotech Camera Service is located at 2101 Suite D South First Street, Austin, Texas 78704. The owner, Sorin Marcu, can be reached at, or 512-479-5090.